Thursday, May 7, 2009

Which cream is better Jergens,Nivea,Olay,St.Ives?

Which cream is better?





I have dry skin.

Please rate each one if you have tryed it before.

Thank You very much!!!!

Which cream is better Jergens,Nivea,Olay,St.Ives?
I've used Olay for sensitive skin. It works wonders!! It gets rid of dry skin very easily. I recommend it!! %26lt;33
Reply:Nivea good

St Ives good

Olay bad bad bad ... gave me a rash!

Its water based

my mother thinks its best so do i.

its best.
Reply:I prefer Aveeno it has oatmeal in it and really helps with dry, cracked skin. Also is good for ichy skin.
Reply:nivea body smooth lotion triple action

is really good for dry skin
Reply:olay and nivea are the opinion
Reply:The phthalates (or plasticisers and fragrances) in these products are known to have human health risks such as:

In animal studies, phthalates cause an array of reproductive problems in male offspring, including small or otherwise abnormal testes, hypospadias (abnormal urinary openings), and undescended testes. In studies on people, boys born to mothers with greater exposure had altered genital development.

Phthalates may also cause asthma as well as liver and kidney damage.

Try Dry Skin Lotion from Sunflower Naturals. No phthalates, petroleum, animal testing or human health risks.
Reply:I have tried all 4 of the products you show,but none worked for me.I have finally found a product that really helps dry skin.The name is Aveeno moisturizer.With that and other products they have I am completely satisfied.
Reply:I would go for Nivea. I use the Nivea body lotion for dry skin (dark blue bottle) and find it fantastic.. St ives comes a close 2nd


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