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My face is very dry and now i have a bad skin discoloration on my face?

i can put noting on my face like creams to get rid of my skin discoloration because it just gets worse, i dont really no what to do

My face is very dry and now i have a bad skin discoloration on my face?
Hi Jeremy,

Have you tried using moisturizer right after you bathe/shower? It'll keep retain moisture in your skin.

If it still continues, you might want to look into moisturizing creams, as those are usually richer and are designed for those who have very dry skin.

If it continues, you might want to consult a dermatologist. It might be eczema, which sometimes requires a prescription for a topical cream to get rid of the dryness and the discoloration.

Good luck! :)
Reply:I think I have the same problem before, My face was dry that the skin by my chin right under my lips was darker. I have used every cream and have also tried just using water to no success. I have tried Proactive Solution (the one you see on TV and in the Mall) and they work great. It also removes my acne and any dark mark from the acne before.

It works for me and I have recommended it to some of my friends that have facial skin problem and they just work.

Also, the good thing with Proactive is that you don't need to keep using it once it clears your skin unlike other products where the problems shows up again if you stop using their product.

Good Luck!

I want to use Nair for hair removal but I have sensitive skin?

I tried it on a small area on my leg and it burned like crazy!!!!!!

plus not that much hair came out. although some did.

maybe it's because my leg hairs were very short at the time and you need to wait for your hair to grow out before you use the cream? i don't know. maybe i just have sensitive skin. i guess that's my conclusion. not sure though.

I want to use Nair for hair removal but I have sensitive skin?
I have tried using nair a couple of times and everythime i do I break out in a rash with huge bumps. I do not use it anymore.I stick to shaving my legs.
Reply:try veet sensitive skin

it works the same
Reply:There is nair sensitive.
Reply:no! nair BURNS.

even the sensative kind might burn.

but yeah nair burnnnnsss for me at least and i dont even have sensitive skin..

oh and the burn lasts for a while. not to mention it smells wierd and its hard to get off.

really, go for veet.
Reply:Veet sensitive skin is good


My face is very dry and now i have a bad skin discoloration on my face?

i can put noting on my face like creams to get rid of my skin discoloration because it just gets worse, i dont really no what to do

My face is very dry and now i have a bad skin discoloration on my face?
You should ask a dermatologist to help you with that asking here won't do anything unless a dermatologist goes on Yahoo Answers

Weird skin rash that waxes and wanes?

For 6 mo, I have had a skin rash that comes and goes. It starts at on the palms, top of hand and wrist. Then I would get all those and then my arms a little bit. Then basically anywhere where I have tender skin (tops of feet, not bottom), across my pants line at my waist, chest, bra area, etc. My PCP is not concerned, just rx's me cream which works when not severe. Lately, I have been getting some hives with the rash, raised type of patches that Benadryl gets rid of. Just seems like rash is just getting worse as time goes on.

I take Zyrtec, Nexium and and just got off Paxil (oh the joys of withdrawal!) and am taking a different antidepressant. I have indoor/outdoor allergies (hence the Zyrtec) but I get the rash despite the Zyrtec! My doc just refills the cream and tells me to try to figure out what I am allergic to... could be food, could be many things. Any ideas? I can go a week w/out a flare up and then have either mild or moderate rash on any of the above mentioned parts.

Weird skin rash that waxes and wanes?
It sounds like an allergy. I'd go to a specialist (Allergist) and have some allergy testing done. PCP's aren't always up to date on allergies or testing for them.

I'm guessing that its probably a food that you eat rarely or that you rarely eat much of. If you do eat it often, its something in small doses that your zyrtec takes care of, but when you eat a lot of it your zyrtec can't handle it and you get your rashes.

If you have no insurance and cannot afford allergy testing, I would recommend that you keep a detailed food diary. The rash can be from anything that you've eaten in the last 72 hours prior to the rash starting, though generally it is something you've eaten that day. Keeping a food diary should help you eventually narrow down what is causing the problem.

I do think that its food or ingestion related (your need for Nexium and antidepressants could be due to this as well), as the rash happens on various parts of your body that would not be conclusive with a contact rash.

Wish you all the best.
Reply:I am wondering, exspecially when you say that it is like under your pant line and bra line. If it can be a reaction to laundry soap. The tops of the feet would explain it to because of socks. it is the tops of your hands that is throwing me off. unless you have your hands near the laundry soap.

I found that I could not take any of the allergy meds the insurance company made me take because they all contained loratodine which i was allergic too. The only thing I can take is allegera, and benydrl. They even make a pediatric allegra

Anyone ever used labor boost cream?

I read about something called Labor Boost Cream for women who are at term, you rub it on your skin and it causes labor! It's made of all natural herbs.I thought it sounded pretty neat! Anyone ever heard of it or tried it?

Anyone ever used labor boost cream?
Yes, it's main property is Evening Primrose Oil. It's a prostiglandin that helps to ripen your cervix. It doesn't work LOL but if it makes you believe it works then go for it! It wont hurt either.
Reply:never heard of it and i wouldnt trust it
Reply:Save your money, and go for a walk instead.

paper bush

Get rid of dry skin?

Ever since using Dove Sensitive Skin Soap on my face it has been dry and sore, no matter what cream i use, been like it for 4 days now and im sick of dry skin as i cant go back to school looking like a crocodile! i've recently been in the shower and used Clean %26amp; Clear Exfoliating Scrub and now my whole face is covered in dry skin! Any ideas to get rid of it?


Get rid of dry skin?
use neutragena face moisturizer twice a day and you'll see a huge improvement in your skin.
Reply:You may have had an allergic reaction to one or more of the products you used. At this point you should probably not use any kind of scrub or abrasive as it will just irritate your skin more. Wash gently (without hard scrubbing) with a light, gentle cleanser. Dermatologists recommend Cetaphil. Try not to touch or scratch your face as that might irritate your skin even more. If after a few days of very gentle treatment your skin does not improve then you probably need to see a dermatologist to treat the reaction.
Reply:these are really good at removing dry skin

you could also invest in a really good moisturiser, maybe one for sensitive skin.
Reply:try using a moisturizer just search around olay and ponds have cream for dry skin dont use bar soaps for washing your face if you dont have acne use a mild cleanser
Reply:Ok, hold fire on the exfoiliating until you've got a bit more moisture in your skin, you'll only make it worse. I have really dry skin on my face and don't use soap at all, it's not the right balance if you're prone to flaky skin. I use Cream E45, which is really rich, and put it on before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning. Once you've done that for a few days, use a facecloth and gently rub to get rid of the excess skin.

I would also avoid make up if you can because that only dries it out more.
Reply:Dont exfoliate if u hav dry skin. It will only make it worse as it rubs off all the dead skin cells but also decreases the layers.

I used to have extreamly dry skin on my face near mii eyes, mouth and 4head and chin. i h8ed it. If u hav a LUSH store near u (luk on the lush webby) get the almond kisses lotion for your skin or sympathy for skin. Theyr great! if not go for E45 which u can get from any store, boots or superdrug...

drink plenty of water and hope dis helps hunii xxx
Reply:Haldens emulsifying base, its available from the chemist. It feels a little gross going on but its excellent in restoring the moisture in your skin. Its suitable for the entire body and is very cheap for a large container.
Reply:I use olay moisturiser and my face feels soft and moist.
Reply:Discontinue the use of any type of facial wash/exfoliate. the Neutrogena facial cream may work once the damage is healed, but right now it sounds like you need to let your face rest.

I had a really bad experience with a face wash once and the dermatologist prescribed 2.5 hydrocortizone worked like a dream. That strength is not available over the counter, but the 1% ointment is and works just as well. Use it morning %26amp; night, it has to be the ointment not the's a little greasy (I would not wear foundation right now) but who cares!
Reply:Never, never, use soap on your face; my grandmother only ever used rose water to clean her skin, and she had beautiful soft skin until the day she died.

Exfoliating scrubs are fine, but only now and again; they are very hard on your skin, and all you are doing is taking the top layer off. Let your skin be for a while; if you still want to wash your face, you need a special facial wash that's gentle, it might be a case of experimenting with a few until you get the right one. Boots should have something for everyone. Too many products for young skin are drying and harsh; now is the time to start caring for it.

Drink plenty of water; %26amp; you might need some sort of supplement like cod liver oil if your skin is dry all over and not just your face. Also any product used on your face with water should be rinsed and rinsed in luke warm water, NOT hot and not ice cold either.
Reply:my only recommendation is try using Olay cold cream to wash you face with instead. When you open it up it will actually look like a moisturizer. Just rub it all over your face and use a wash cloth dipped in warm water to wipe it off. It will clean your face without making it dry. Olay as a lot of good products for the skin.... I believe its a white jar with a green cap.
Reply:use Vaseline, put it on before bedtime or just after a shower if your staying indoors that is,

do this for a week or so, your skin should be fine.

and get a face wash especially for sensitive skin, stop using dove
Reply:Don't use soap, most contain fragrance which can irritate the skin.

A great product is AQUEOUS CREAM, you can get a 500g jar for just a couple of pounds. You can use this to wash with - all over if you want - and to soften and sooth your skin.
Reply:maybe the skin care products that you have been using is not right for your skin. try all natural moisturizers and lotions, this can be suitable for any type of skin. also to keep the skin looking young try to avoid unhealthy habits like smoking, have proper diet, exercise, drink plenty of water, have enough sleep and rest. for more skin care tips that can help you get rid of dry skin visit
Reply:I had an allergic reaction to something in the summer and looked like I'd been punched in the face. Once the swelling had gone with anti histamines my skin was really dry and almost cracked. I used bio oil and not joking in a couple of days ws 100% better. So worth the money. When soreness had gone I used Simple exfoliating facial wipes - very gently - Dead skin has to go!
Reply:I cant use soap as its all made of lanolin.You have obviously had a reaction.Don't use an exfoliator your making things worse.Buy Simple face wash and moisturiser they both contains no irritants and are especially made for sensitive skin.Hopefully it will settle down.Good luck.

Should I use cold cream???

I have skin of combination type. The peripheral parts of my face, i.e. skin near my ears and jaw are covered with acnes, acne scars and potential breakouts, while the front part of my face is still ok. Some said my oily skin is a result of the super-dry inner dermis i have. So i wonder if cold cream helps?

Should I use cold cream???
dont use any crem it will increase your problem. Do clean up at home first of all claen your face with astringent then give steam to your face for 5 to 6 min then with the help of blackhead remover take out all your black and white heads then wash your face with cold water then apply some good anti acne face pack your problem will stop. Clean your face atleast 4 to 5 times a day and clean your face with astringent before going to bed dont eat oily food,
Reply:Being you have acne I'd say don't try it.

It has a lot of oils in it - it's best for the eye make up

I'd suggest you find a solid acne regime -

The best system is Arbonne's clear advantage but if it is out of your price range I'd do the Acne Free -

before washing your face at night take a hot compress and apply, repeat -

also find a solid exfoliant twice a week (on a clean face)

and a deep cleaning acne mask once a week -

take vitamins a e and c orally -
Reply:Cold cream is a very heavy, greasy cream. It's great to remove makeup and costume makeup but I wouldn't use it on acne prone skin. Are you looking for something for your dry skin or to clear up the acne? Neutrogena products are very good. They have a line for regular skin (normal, dry, combination, oily, wrinkles) and an acne line of kits and treatments. They are very effective and gentle. I'm sure you could find something that would work well for you in either of these line for either of your skin problems.